Health Care DataWorks Launches New Version of KnowledgeEdge™ with Advanced Healthcare Dashboards and Business Intelligence Capabilities

The leading healthcare analytics and business intelligence solutions provider has developed the latest version of KnowledgeEdge to put hospitals and health systems in a stronger position to manage their patient population and a broad range of core measures.

February 25, 2013

Health Care DataWorks, Inc. (HCD), a leading provider of business intelligence solutions and healthcare analytics, has updated its KnowledgeEdge™ product to include advanced analytics capabilities, as well as new subject areas and healthcare dashboards that will enable hospitals and health systems to better manage core clinical and administrative metrics.

“The enhanced capabilities of our KnowledgeEdge solution will give hospitals and health systems a greater degree of business intelligence in areas that have become more prominent in the last 12 months, such as population and risk management and readmissions,” said Pat Bickley, HCD product manager. “With actionable knowledge at their fingertips, they will be in a better position to positively impact quality of care and reimbursements.”

The new KnowledgeEdge Population Management dashboard tracks and trends 20 chronic disease conditions and the illness burden for individual patients as well as patient groups, drilling into specific areas such as clinical services, nursing units and physician panels. Organizations can better evaluate the quality of care they provide for improved patient intervention and timely case management. These patient population analytics also can aid in contract negotiations with medical insurance carriers.

In the new KnowledgeEdge Readmissions dashboard, organizations can monitor and manage readmissions to help them conform to the requirements of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Readmissions Reduction Program. Users can access information related to patient safety, infection control, mortality and other quality and process of care measures that are necessary to fulfill regulations and reporting requirements.

Other key highlights of the new version of KnowledgeEdge include:

  •     New KnowledgeEdge Event Reporting dashboard that provides clinical event reporting to track and trend the number of occurrences, frequency of occurrences and rates for different types and categories of events on a rolling 12/24 month basis
  •     New KnowledgeEdge Admit, Discharge, and Transfer dashboard that allows organizations to determine at any given time where patients are, how many beds are filled, how many beds are open and patient-flow patterns to assist in capacity planning and efficiency enhancements
  •     Updates to the KnowledgeEdge Quality and Patient Safety dashboard that include the ability to track and monitor a variety of quality and process of care measures that are necessary to fulfill CMS regulations as well as national and state reporting requirements

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