Annual HIMSS Analytics Health IT Trend Report moves toward Quarterly Releases

CHICAGO (February 26, 2013) – In an attempt to keep industry leaders abreast of the latest developments within the ever changing health information technology (HIT) landscape, HIMSS Analytics announced today that the annual Essentials of the US Hospital IT Market report – 8th Edition, will now be released on a quarterly basis. Based on data reported in the HIMSS Analytics Database, the revamped quarterly reports will focus on select sectors of the HIT industry on a rotating basis. In addition to the revised release schedule, the information and analysis on each application profiled in the reports will be much “deeper” than previous annual editions. The new Essentials Reports now includes:

  • multi-year market penetration profiles
  • five year projections on the number of first time and replacement buyers
  • valuable insights into first-time buyer and replacement purchase market opportunities
  • current year and historical win/loss tables for each application.

“After listening to many vendors, HIT consultants and Wall Street analysts, we revised this 8th edition of the Essentials report to not only provide the data they were asking for, but to compliment the varied resources offered by HIMSS Analytics and our newly acquired company, CapSite.  We truly consider these reports “essential” to those selling to, operating within or monitoring the HIT marketplace,” says Lorren Pettit, MS, MBA, Vice President, Market Research, HIMSS Analytics.

The report is available in its entirety, by financial or American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) clinical volumes. Clinical Volume 1, now available, offersinformation on all applicable applications used in the HIMSS Analytics EMR Adoption ModelSM.

To learn more about Essentials of the US Hospital IT Market – 8th Edition, contact Amy Bergau at

About HIMSS Analytics
HIMSS Analytics is a wholly owned not-for-profit subsidiary of HIMSS. The company collects and analyzes healthcare data related to IT processes and environments, products, IS department composition and costs, IS department management metrics, healthcare trends and purchase-related decisions. HIMSS Analytics delivers high-quality data and analytical expertise to healthcare delivery organizations, health IT companies, state governments, financial companies, pharmaceutical companies, and consulting firms.