iChartsMD Launches their new ED (Emergency Department) Software

Malibu, CA – February 18, 2013 –

iChartsMD announced today that they have successfully implemented a full EHR platform solution for emergency room and triage areas of hospitals, urgent care facilities, and ambulatory centers.  While assisting a Hospital in New Orleans with their EHR solutions, it was apparent that the emergency areas of the hospital needed a solution that was not readily offered as a turnkey solution. While many vendors and providers could offer snippets of solutions, or promise a system that would cost tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, there was never a full-fledged system that could offer all the tools necessary for a fast-moving environment while ensuring top-notch care and safety could be adhered; Until now.

iChartsMD has built and implemented a total solution EHR package that will give the flexibility of an urgent care facility, while providing the ambulatory needs of triage, nursing stations, multiple room mapping, up-to-the-second updates on patients from check-in to discharge, and a full functioning billing module that will keep tabs of all invoices for insurers and Medicare alike.

While iChartsMD is not a new company to the EMR world, they are cognizant of the fact that with innovation comes great reinvention. With this enhanced platform, emergency departments, urgent care facilities as well as hospitals will benefit greatly from the powerful software that has been developed at a price that is a manageable expense. With iChartsMD entering into a new realm of expertise, both patients and the medical experts are the benefactors with a full-fledged ED EHR solution now being provided in the emergency environments.

About iChartsMD: iChartsMD is a privately held EHR software solution provider based out of Santa Monica, California. Both doctors and I.T. Professionals carefully developed the iChartsMD technology with over 30 years of expertise. The EHR system integrates patient scheduling, reports and analysis, prescription writing, patient history and billing management made to be accessible from any network, including mobile devices.