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Fovia and Blackford Analysis Collaborate to Provide 3D Registration for Medical OEMs HDVR® and Blackford Fusion™ Save Time, Improve Accuracy

Palo Alto, California and Edinburgh, Scotland, November 25, 2012 — Fovia Medical, Inc., a world leader in imaging technology and the developer of High Definition Volume Rendering®, and Blackford Analysis Ltd., creator of unparalleled registration technology using algorithms originally developed for astrophysicists, today announced plans to deliver compatible SDKs to the medical advanced visualization market.

Blackford Analysis’s Blackford Fusion™ software accelerates the challenging process of image study comparison by enabling radiologists to pinpoint areas of interest in one study and have those areas instantly, automatically and accurately linked to the same points in separate MR, CT or PET scans.  Concurrently, Fovia’s scalable, CPU-based, thin-client HDVR® software provides critical advanced visualization “on-the-fly” via the cloud, local networks, or as an integrated component of existing architectures.

By combining Blackford Fusion™ and HDVR® technologies, a medical original equipment manufacturer can deliver ubiquitous, split-second access to automatically registered datasets, thereby enabling radiologists to spend more time on analysis and decision-making.  As volumetric datasets increase in size and complexity, this combined power will become an essential component in every OEM’s offering.

“Fovia is a recognized leader in the advanced visualization field, and we are excited to integrate with their best-in-class volume rendering engine,” said Ben Panter, Chief Executive Officer of Blackford Analysis.  “Together our technologies can improve radiology productivity and increase the success rate of patient treatment.”

“We are thrilled to have a partner with complementary, high-performance software that is literally out-of-this world,” said Ken Fineman, Chief Executive Officer of Fovia, who commented on Blackford Analysis’s astrophysics-based algorithms.  “Our SDKs work well together, providing immediate benefits for medical vendors, radiologists and most importantly, patients.”

About Fovia, Inc.

Fovia, Inc. was founded in 2003 to address the challenge of data explosion – the exponentially increasing amount of data being acquired by modern imaging modalities.  The firm has developed a CPU-based, High Definition Volume Rendering software solution that leverages and scales with multi-core, multi-processor and multi-threaded generational processor development.  Fovia’s HDVR Connect and HDVR Mobile solutions are more scalable, cost effective, flexible, and easily deployable on an enterprise-wide basis than GPU or other hardware-based approaches.  They can be easily and natively integrated into various original equipment manufacturers’ offerings, thereby enabling OEMs to deliver unrivaled image quality and uncompromised performance, both locally and remotely, in 2D, 3D and 4D advanced volume visualization applications.  More information can be found at

About Blackford Analysis Ltd

Blackford’s software suite accelerates routine radiology by transforming the process of study comparison for radiologists.  It allows them to pinpoint an area of interest in one study, and automatically link to the same point in any other MR, CT or PET scan.

Blackford Analysis Ltd., based in Edinburgh, Scotland is a growing OEM software supplier based on technology developed by astrophysicists from the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh. Those breakthroughs, combined with an experienced commercial and medical team, underpin the company’s suite of software solutions, which are evolving to support all aspects of the radiologist’s daily practice.

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Vitera Healthcare Solutions Introduces Virtual Hands-On Lab to Provide Convenient Software Training for Customers

Underscoring Its Commitment to Superior Customer Support and Service, Vitera Simplifies Product Orientation; Provides Forum for EHR/PM Users to Share Best Practices in Online Environment

TAMPA, FL–(Nov 19, 2012) –  Vitera Healthcare Solutions, one of the nation’s largest providers of ambulatory electronic health records and practice management software and services, has introduced Hands-On Lab, a virtual environment designed to provide convenient, function-specific product training to customers.

“The Hands-On Lab is designed to not only facilitate knowledge transfer and ensure successful system adoption,” says Matt Hawkins, CEO of Vitera Healthcare Solutions, “but also to offer a flexible learning experience that is contemporary, engaging, and cost effective.”

Training and product orientation are critical success components for medical practices implementing new software. Because staff members hold different positions within the practice, they must each be trained on unique features and functionality within the software; this can often represent a challenge during classroom training with multiple users. Sending staff to vendor headquarters for extensive education, or adopting an in-practice training plan, can also be costly and disruptive to provider operations.

The Vitera Hands-On Lab addresses both of these challenges by providing function-specific training in a virtual setting. Upon enrollment, practice staff members are provided with a lesson plan specific to their position and access to an online training environment where they have the opportunity to practice and use the software, rather than just observe it in action. During training sessions, attendees interact with a Vitera instructor, and share experiences in real time with peers from other practices enrolled in the training.

“I really enjoyed it,” states Cathy Lythgoe of Cove Surgical Associates, Ltd., located in Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania. “Being shown how to navigate and use the software, and then being able to practice each exercise myself was extremely helpful. It even had an element of ‘wow’!”

“We’ve created this innovative learning approach to provide maximum value and support to our customers,” says Hawkins. “With Hands On Lab, we are able to replicate the feeling of a hands-on classroom setting, where attendees can interact and learn from one another and their instructor. At the same time, this experience provides practices with a more convenient and cost-effective training option.” The online approach also allows new employees to be trained in as comprehensive a manner as staff members who were involved with the original implementation.

The Hands-On Lab is the most recent addition to Vitera’s expanding portfolio of software and services focused on providing exceptional support to its customers. For example, Vitera Stat, a true multitenant SaaS solution recently released at the MGMA 2012 annual conference, has been solely delivered via the Hands-On Lab methodology.

About Vitera Healthcare Solutions

Vitera Healthcare Solutions provides end-to-end clinical and financial technology solutions so physicians and medical professionals can work with patients instead of paperwork. Serving more than 400,000 healthcare professionals including 80,000 physicians, Vitera Healthcare Solutions provides electronic health records and practice management systems, processes 33 million transactions and 1.8 million e-prescriptions monthly, and serves several specialties including primary care, OB/GYN, pediatrics, cardiology and orthopedics in all sized practices and Community Health Centers. Physician focused and patient centric, Vitera Healthcare Solutions is based in Tampa, FL. For more information, visit or call (877) 932-6301. Follow Vitera Healthcare Solutions on Facebook,, and Twitter,!/ViteraHealth.

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Dell Helps Centegra Health System Streamline Management of Clinical Imaging Data

Dell announced that Centegra Health System is utilizing Dell’s Unified Clinical Archive(UCA) solution to address its long-term storage needs with an application-neutral, secure, cloud-based archive.

Currently Centegra Health System generates some 233,000 images per year.  With Dell’s flexible UCA solution, Centegra will store images long-term in the Dell Cloud Clinical Archive while maintaining five years’ worth of images on-site for instant access. The cloud archive stores two copies of every image at geographically separate locations, providing an efficient disaster recovery strategy without the need to maintain and manage a second data center.

According to David Tomlinson, Centegra’s CIO, “With the vendor-neutral archive and the ability to support both DICOM and non-DICOM data, Dell has greatly simplified medical image management for Centegra.  We expect to see significant cost savings with Dell’s pay-as-you-go pricing model, as well as better control of our long-term storage infrastructure and data management costs.”

ROUND ROCK, Texas, Nov. 19, 2012 — Centegra Health System has selected Dell’s Unified Clinical Archive (UCA) solution to manage its growing archive of diagnostic images.

Centegra, a two-hospital system with multiple clinics serving northern Illinois, needed to consolidate existing Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) for cardiology and radiology, and was seeking a way to reduce or eliminate the costs associated with migrating images and adding hardware to meet growing storage capacity demands. Centegra also wanted to future-proof its medical image archive and retain the strategic freedom to switch imaging applications as needed. Currently the health system generates some 233,000 images per year.

With Dell’s flexible UCA solution, Centegra will store images long-term in the Dell Cloud Clinical Archive while maintaining five years’ worth of images on-site for instant access. The cloud archive stores two copies of every image at geographically separate locations, providing an efficient disaster recovery strategy without the need to maintain and manage a second data center.

Based on its recent analysis of the enterprise imaging informatics market, Frost & Sullivan recognized Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences with its 2012 North American Company of the Year Award, noting that “Dell’s Unified Clinical Archive has set the standard for cloud-based enterprise-wide management of medical images.”

The Dell Cloud Clinical Archive is now managing more than 78 million clinical studies and more than 5.4 billion diagnostic imaging objects, and supporting more than 800 clinical sites in one of the world’s largest cloud-based, vendor-neutral medical image archives.

Since 2008, Centegra has also been engaged in a full IT outsourcing relationship with Dell Services. Dell Services manages and maintains a sustainable infrastructure IT environment to support Centegra’s growing organization. Through this partnership, Dell Services provides application management, infrastructure management, project management, datacenter hosting and service desk capabilities. Dell’s healthcare consulting team is also providing Centegra with skilled staff, strong best practices, and a proven delivery model for the implementation and optimization of its McKesson Paragon information system.


“With the vendor-neutral archive and the ability to support both DICOM and non-DICOM data, Dell has greatly simplified medical image management for Centegra,” said David Tomlinson, Centegra’s chief information officer. “We expect to see significant cost savings with Dell’s pay-as-you-go pricing model, as well as better control of our long-term storage infrastructure and data management costs.”

“The ever-growing volume of clinical imaging procedures is demanding more storage on multiple systems, and hospitals require technology solutions that can do more than simply store electronic patient data,” said James Coffin, Ph.D., vice president and general manager of Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences. “Dell is pleased to be working with Centegra to tailor a long-term image archiving solution that meets their unique needs.”

Learn more: Visit or stop by booth #8908 at RSNA 2012, the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, Nov. 25-30 in Chicago.

About Centegra Health System

Centegra Health System is committed to meeting the healthcare needs of the residents of greater McHenry County and to making services available in multiple and convenient locations, including hospitals in McHenry and Woodstock, Immediate and Physician Care Centers, Centegra Sage Cancer Center, Health Bridge Fitness Centers and more. As the region’s leading healthcare provider, Centegra Health System continues to bring the latest treatments and technology, along with the skills of nearly 4,000 medical professionals, to meet the needs of the growing McHenry County community. For more information on Centegra Health System visit, search Centegra Health System on Facebook and Twitter or call 877-CENTEGRA (877-236-8347).

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National eHealth Collaborative Releases the Patient Engagement Framework

Culmination of a collaborative project of the Consumer Consortium on eHealth

Washington, DC (November 19, 2012) – National eHealth Collaborative (NeHC) today hosted a webinar to release the much-anticipated Patient Engagement Framework, a model created to guide healthcare organizations in developing and strengthening their patient engagement strategies through the use of eHealth tools and resources. The Framework is the result of several months of collaboration and iteration with many interested stakeholders.

“We hope this Patient Engagement Framework will be a useful resource for healthcare organizations,” said NeHC CEO Kate Berry. “We are at a critical moment when patient engagement is becoming increasingly important given the movement toward meaningful use and accountable care. We as individuals should be more engaged in managing and improving our own health. This Framework is intended as a guide organizations can aspire to as they move in this direction.”

The Patient Engagement Framework outlines several attributes of organizations that successfully engage and support patients, and ultimately their communities, in their care. The Framework provides a series of phases to show the progression from a provider-centric model to one that is truly patient-centered. The phases of the Framework include inform me, engage me, empower me, partner with me, and support my community. Within these phases, the Framework is organized to build on an organization’s capabilities including information and way-finding, e-tools, forms and patient education, patient access to their information, patient role in generating their information, and patient role in the care team.

“The patient is the point of health information, and a framework for systematically keeping the patient’s interests at the center of health information technology helps us move toward higher-performance, higher-value healthcare,” said Dr. Jon Perlin, CMO and President of Clinical Services at the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA). “This is a great way for healthcare to measure how prepared they are for patient engagement.”

The Framework took into consideration several existing resources and patient engagement measures, including those required by meaningful use Stage 1 and Stage 2.  More than 100 individuals from across the healthcare, patient engagement, and behavioral science fields reviewed and provided input on the Framework. Since January, the Framework has circulated among several groups, including the Partnership for Women and Families, The Foundation for Informed Decision Making, Healthwise employees and advisors, the Long Term Post Acute Care Association, members of HL7, members of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) Health IT Standards and Policy Committees, and members of the Consumer Consortium on eHealth. NeHC thanks Leslie Kelly Hall, Senior Vice President of Policy at Healthwise and a member of the Consumer Consortium Steering Committee for her extraordinary leadership in this effort.

“It was important that we create a tool that could be adapted to a variety of care settings and be a practical guide for organizations really trying to strengthen their patient engagement strategies,” said Leslie Kelly Hall, SVP of Policy for Healthwise and NeHC Board member. “Each time we reviewed the Framework with a group we incorporated feedback and refined our final product. The entire process was a great learning experience and brought us closer to understanding the needs of many communities in trying to effectively engage patients by using health IT.  We recognize that the Framework will continue to be refined.”

The Patient Engagement Framework is available for download at To view the slides or download the recording from the release webinar, visit (recording will be posted within 24 hours of this release).

To provide a concrete tool for organizations to assess their status of consumer engagement efforts and to make progress on implementing the Patient Engagement Framework, NeHC in partnership with HealthCAWS® will soon be releasing an online assessment and supporting tools. The NeHC eHealth Consumer Engagement Organizational Assessment is a business intelligence tool mapped to the concepts and recommendations of the Framework. The Consumer Engagement Organizational Assessment is designed to provide customized progress reports and guidance for improving consumer engagement strategies. In addition to progress reports to help organizations assess where they are along the Framework and opportunities for improvement, the online tool provides a directory of consumer engagement resources and eHealth solutions.

To learn more about the NeHC eHealth Consumer Engagement Organizational Assessment, please contact Jenna Bramble at

About National eHealth Collaborative

National eHealth Collaborative (NeHC) is a public-private partnership focused on accelerating progress toward widespread, secure and interoperable nationwide health information exchange to improve health and healthcare.  NeHC’s neutrality and diverse multi-stakeholder participation provides a unique platform for collaboration.  NeHC educates, connects, and encourages healthcare stakeholders to advance health information technology and health information exchange (HIE) nationwide through its NeHC University web-based education program, its Consumer Consortium on eHealth and its HIE Learning Network.

National eHealth Collaborative is a cooperative agreement partner of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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Huntington Memorial Hospital Selects iConnect(R) for Community-Wide Image Interoperability

Solutions Provide Anywhere, Any Time Access to Images and Enterprise-Wide Image Archive

CHICAGO, Nov. 19, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Merge Healthcare Incorporated (Nasdaq:MRGE), a leading provider of clinical systems and innovations that seek to transform healthcare, today announced that Huntington Memorial Hospital, a 625-bed, not-for-profit community-focused regional medical center, has selected Merge PACS™ and the entire iConnect® Enterprise Clinical Platform to image-enable both their hospital inpatient EHR as well as their community health information exchange, Huntington Health eConnect.

“Our mission Right Care, Right Place, Right Time requires getting the right information in the right hands and on the right device including patient images,” explained Rebecca Armato, Executive Director, Physician and Interoperability Services at Huntington Hospital. “This is just another example of our continued investment to improve the health of our community and continues our vision of creating a connected, collaborative community of care by providing a consolidated, comprehensive view of patient care to their caregivers regardless of technology or EHR. Merge’s iConnect Enterprise Clinical Platform and Merge PACS solutions will act as the foundation for viewing images and will have a positive impact on patient care.”

“The goal of our Imaging Department is to become a fully clinically integrated program with our community of providers. This system is one of the first of many steps that will help us to archive and we are very excited,” explained Donna Townsend, Executive Director Cardiovascular, Gastroenterology and Imaging Services, Huntington Hospital.

“In addition, our enterprise-wide approach will ensure a seamless workflow and immediate access via a single viewer to all prior exams for our partners, The Hill Medical Corporation, where nineteen radiologists provide comprehensive outpatient radiology services in three state-of-the-art imaging centers,” Armato added.

“Now that Meaningful Use Stage 2 rules include image-enabling the EHR as a menu set measure, leading organizations like Huntington Hospital are looking to quickly and easily image-enable their enterprises for compliance,” added Jeff Surges, CEO, Merge Healthcare. “Now the 2,000+ physicians and caregivers in the San Gabriel Valley who connect to Huntington Health eConnect will be able to access images regardless of EMR or technology they utilize.”

Merge’s iConnect Enterprise Clinical Platform is the industry’s only comprehensive solution for collecting, archiving, viewing, sharing and exchanging any type of image, anywhere, any time. It includes iConnect® Access*, a zero-download DICOM image and XDS server, iConnect® Share, a gateway for image sharing across the enterprise and iConnect® Enterprise Archive, a vendor-neutral archive to create an enterprise imaging strategy. It works with existing applications, leveraging widely-used web and healthcare technology standards, to provide a vendor neutral interoperable environment.

A recent InMedica study reported iConnect Enterprise Archive as the world’s #1 vendor-neutral archive. As the industry’s first true standalone vendor-neutral archive, it has been successfully integrated with over seventy-five PACS vendors and specialty workstations at over 350 sites across the United States. In over half of the implementations, Merge’s customers have integrated third-party PACS systems with iConnect Enterprise Archive.

Merge PACS, a real-time picture archiving communication system, enhances clinical, operational and administrative functions with an approach that emphasizes workflow efficiency and customer satisfaction. Its modular design allows for easy integration with a broad range of third-party systems.

*iConnect Access is not FDA-cleared for diagnostic use on mobile devices.

About Merge Healthcare

Merge is a leading provider of clinical systems and innovations that seek to transform healthcare.  Merge’s enterprise and cloud-based solutions for image intensive specialties provide access to any image, anywhere, any time. Merge also provides health stations, clinical trials software and other health data and analytics solutions that engage consumers in their personal health. With solutions that are used by providers and consumers and include more than 20 years of innovation, Merge is helping to reduce costs and improve the quality of healthcare worldwide. For more information, visit

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HelpSTAR Streamlines Service Requests for Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center

Collaborative Software Provides Increased Efficiency and Enhanced Customer Satisfaction for HelpDesk

OAKVILLE, Ontario ­ Oct. 30, 2012 ­ HelpSTAR, a leading pioneer of help desk software, today announced that Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center (TLRMC), a regional health care provider in Leitchfield, Kentucky, relies on HelpSTAR to provide IT staff with the tools they need to streamline service request processes and increase department efficiency.

When Debbie Timmer, network administrator for TLRMC, joined the team five years ago, HelpSTAR was a well-known commodity to her. She was familiar with the software from her previous place of employment and a strong advocate of its features and functionality.

As network administrator, Timmer oversees the day-to-day support of the medical center network servers. In addition to that, her eight-person IT team provides technical support for more than 500 employees, including doctors, nurses and administrative staff within the hospital.

HelpSTAR is a part of what we do and how we operate,” said Timmer. “It has provided us with the necessary tools to streamline the service request process. HelpSTAR creates better customer satisfaction by allowing us to auto-reply to requests, even when the department is closed for the day. Our customers are assured that their problems will be resolved as soon as we return the next morning.”

HelpSTAR has many features that significantly increase efficiency of service requests through updates, escalations, business rule transactions, notifications, alerts and role-based access control (RBAC).

One key element for Timmer and her team is the built-in Knowledge Base, a feature that allows her team to search the database as calls come in. This prevents the staff from having to re-invent the wheel every time they receive a new issue. By utilizing the knowledge base, staff members can answer questions on the fly, improving response time while identifying trending issues throughout the entire organization. Additionally, administration appreciates the reporting features, which tracks and catalogs each event as it moves through the system, helping to justify staff time and delivering a solid ROI to the medical center.

“Enhancing workflow and providing tools that elevate customer satisfaction and productivity as project loads increase is extremely important for thriving organizations,” said Igal Hauer, CEO of HelpSTAR. “The Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center is a great example of how collaborative workflow tools can streamline project management and extend the capabilities of the IT service desk.”

About HelpSTAR

HelpSTAR help desk software is an easy-to-use service desk collaborative suite that provides rapid issue, problem resolution and change management capabilities out of the box without the need for lengthy deployment and staff training. Designed for organizations with 10 to 500 support reps servicing 100 to 50,000 employees, HelpSTAR expedites problem handling through features such as intelligent queuing, various self-help tools, and prompts such as alarms, follow-up reminders, and automatic priority escalation. It offers both a built-in library of standard reports and custom query capabilities. HelpSTAR is available in both client/server and web-based versions running on Microsoft or Microsoft SQL. For more information, visit

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Asterino & Associates Moves Medical Billing Software to the ClearDATA Cloud to Ensure Data Protection and Streamline Operations

MS Office, SQL Server, and MS Exchange also Moved to ClearDATA Cloud

Phoenix, AZ, October 15, 2012 – – ClearDATA Networks, Inc., the leading healthcare cloud computing platform and service provider, today announced that Asterino & Associates, Inc (A&A),a leading provider of medical billing and practice management services  located in Scottsdale, AZ, has moved its on-premise data center including; medical billing software, MS Office Suite, SQL Server, and MS Exchange servers to the ClearDATA Healthcare Cloud Platform.  After careful analysis, A&A determined that moving its software applications to the cloud would provide greater data security, increase redundancy and streamline operations by allowing its staff to focus on delivering excellence within its medical billing and collections business and state of the art security and efficiency capability.

A&A provides medical billing and collection services to physicians and healthcare systems across the United States. By hosting its applications and servers with ClearDATA, A&A is able to provide a high performance, reliable, billing services to clients regardless of their location. Cloud hosting also enables them to cost effectively scale its business by adding virtual servers and storage as needed, instead of having to purchase and maintain additional capacity

“Moving our applications and infrastructure to the ClearDATA cloud allows us to focus more on our core competency rather than maintaining our datacenter,” said Christopher J. Asterino, Chairman & CEO of Asterino & Associates.  “It is important to achieve “Best Practice” in all aspects of our business.  This relationship achieves our objective with regards to data security, redundancy and business continuity. With leadership provided by our Advisory Board, we thoroughly researched our clients’ data needs and went with ClearDATA because of its exclusive healthcare focus and HIPAA expertise.”

About Asterino & Associates, Inc

Since 1987 Asterino and Associates, Inc. has been providing medical billing and medical practice management services to both hospital-based and community-based physician groups across the United States. Asterino and Associates, Inc.’s dedicated team of over 75 healthcare professionals are devoted to assisting medical practices meet their business objectives with revenue cycle  management inclusive of medical coding, billing and collections and practice management consulting services. For more information, visit:

About ClearDATA Networks, Inc.

ClearDATA Networks, Inc. is the market leader for cloud computing and information security services for healthcare providers, software vendors and VARs, and 100% dedicated to the healthcare field. ClearDATA’s services enable providers to fully automate and securely manage healthcare medical records, applications, IT infrastructure and digital storage. The company provides HITECH HIPAA-compliant cloud and hosting infrastructure and managed cloud services, offsite backup and disaster recovery, medical image archiving, healthcare information security and world-class support. The company also offers HIPAA Security Risk and Remediation services to hospitals and providers in order to ensure that they meet the rigorous standards of HIPAA security required for protected health information to demonstrate Meaningful Use and to ensure a highly secure environment prior to enabling a HealthDATA Cloud platform installation. For more information, call 602-635-4000, email: sales@) or visit:

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Amphion Medical Solutions Helps Hospitals Leverage New ICD-10 Deadline to Address Coder Shortage

One-year bump in new coding system go-live provides hospitals a unique opportunity to leverage a full array of supplemental staffing options

MADISON, Wis. – Oct. 16, 2012 – Amphion Medical Solutions, an innovative provider of transcription and coding technology and outsourcing services, is poised to help hospitals and healthcare organizations meet the critical staffing challenges predicted to occur in tandem with the coming ICD-10 transition. Recently delayed to Oct. 1, 2014, the new deadline for converting to the expanded coding system provides hospitals with a unique opportunity to identify innovative approaches to proactively address anticipated staffing gaps created by the increased demand for services.

“The healthcare industry is facing a shortage of nearly 70,000 coders in the coming years, and hospitals that expect to meet the ICD-10 challenge should already be taking steps to address workforce demand,” said Mike Cavill, chairman and co-founder, Amphion Medical Solutions. “Amphion understands these challenges and has packaged a full array of options that cover strategies for both internal staff expansion and third-party outsourcing to meet needs.”

The magnitude of the ICD-10 transition—which expands the number of diagnosis and procedure codes from 17,000 choices to 141,000—is one factor contributing to increased coder demand that industry estimates predict will lead to shortages of 30% to 50% nationwide. Further escalating the problem is a growing aging population that will require more healthcare services and more extensive medical care, alongside an aging coder workforce that may choose to retire rather than invest time in learning the new coding system.

To counter these trends, Amphion offers a comprehensive package of coding solutions, starting with overflow services and extending to full outsourcing. Services can be designed to cover long-term contracts or work on a project-by-project basis to alleviate costly backlogs that can delay billing and reimbursement processes in hospitals. Amphion also provides ICD-10 training programs that include pre- and post-assessment tools to identify staff knowledge gaps and ensure readiness.

To further develop in-house coding resources, Amphion offers turn-key and customizable training programs to cross-train and transition complementary staff functions to coding. In particular, transcriptionists can be a great resource pool to draw from as a closely-aligned function that is currently facing the opposite problem—downsizing. Training programs can be provided onsite or remotely with one of the company’s coding educators leading the classes and are backed by 100% quality monitoring that ensures 95% accuracy.

About Amphion Medical Solutions

Founded in 2001, Amphion Medical Solutions ( delivers complete services and technology solutions to meet healthcare clients’ transcription and coding needs. With extensive healthcare expertise and leading-edge technology, Amphion leverages the proven benefits of transcription and coding outsourcing and provides organizations with the technology they need to manage an in-house transcription team. Featured products include Triton, a speech understanding transcription platform, and Themis, a remote coding solution.

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PIH Health Hospital Taps Just Associates’ Repair™ for Outsourced MPI Maintenance

Remote monitoring service speeds identification, elimination of duplicate and overlaid patient records for improved data integrity

CENTENNIAL, Colo. – Oct. 16, 2012 – Just Associates, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in data integrity and data quality solutions for healthcare organizations, announced today that it will deploy Repair™ at PIH Health (formerly Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital) to provide the facility with remote master patient index (MPI) management services.

Part of the firm’s comprehensive outsourced patient identity management suite, Repair leverages Just Associates’ highly trained staff and proprietary IDMaster® duplicate workflow software for cost-effective ongoing management of the duplicate validation and reconciliation process. Previously, the firm provided comprehensive MPI clean-up services to PIH Health in preparation for deployment of an enterprise-wide electronic MPI system that receives and links patient information between PIH Health Hospital and approximately 101 primary care and specialty care physicians and 23 advanced practice professionals.

“Just Associates was instrumental in ensuring the integrity of patient data in our MPI and all downstream systems. That experience and their familiarity with PIH Health’s systems made the decision to turn ongoing MPI maintenance over to them an easy one,” said Lois Miller, RHIA, director of health information management, PIH Health. “Not only will Repair ensure rapid elimination of any new duplicates, but its business intelligence tools and the expertise of the Just Associates team will allow us to target resources to ensure any weaknesses in training, workflows and processes are addressed.”

Utilizing Repair provides PIH Health with a number of significant benefits over internal MPI management, including:

  • An experienced team providing efficient duplicate validation and eradication seven days a week
  • Ongoing monitoring to prevent new duplicate records and other issues from negatively impacting data integrity
  • Elimination of backlogs, overflows and staffing challenges, such as turnover and leave time, that impact productivity levels
  • Significant cost savings or cost-neutral expenses by eliminating the need to recruit, train and retain qualified internal staff
  • A more accurate count of unique patients to accelerate compliance with several key meaningful use criteria

“A duplicate-free MPI is crucial for an effective data integrity strategy,” said Beth Just, MBA, RHIA, FAHIMA, Just Associates’ CEO and president. “The power of Repair coupled with our data integrity experts will ensure that PIH Health’s clinicians have access to accurate patient information, which will help drive patient safety and quality care.”

About Just Associates, Inc.

A recognized leader in health information data integrity and management, Just Associates, Inc. ( is a healthcare data integration consulting firm that delivers superior value to its clients through improved data integrity. Just Associates has the process expertise and systems knowledge to deliver tailored, value-added solutions that improve clients’ financial outcomes and business processes, support delivery of quality patient care, and meet the expectations of diverse stakeholders through improved data integrity.

About PIH Health

PIH Health is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) regional healthcare delivery network that was founded in 1959 by volunteers who went door to door with coffee cans to raise funds to build a local healthcare facility. Over 50 years later, PIH Health has maintained that same sense of community and family-like culture where patients are the top priority, and employees and volunteers are proud to be affiliated with such an organization. PIH Health serves residents of LA and Orange Counties, as well as the San Gabriel Valley area, offering a wide range of services, including utilization of primary care teams to provide general medicine and preventative care, access to emergency and urgent care, home health services and hospice, and a network of over 180 specialists in accessible and welcoming neighborhood locations. PIH Health is committed to remaining at the forefront of healthcare advances, including technology, equipment and top-notch facilities and amenities to benefit patients and staff alike. Its highly trained and compassionate physicians, nurses, clinicians, staff and volunteers work tirelessly and collaboratively every day to be the communities’ health and wellness partner. Those who are interested in supporting PIH Health in carrying out its charitable purpose are invited to make an in-kind gift by visiting and clicking the “Donate Now” button or calling the PIH Health Foundation at 562.698.0811 Ext. 14120.

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