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EPCS Gold Approaching 700,000 Controlled Substance E-Prescriptions Issued

Volume Represents an Estimated 60-Percent of All U.S. Controlled Substance Electronic Prescriptions to Date

Rockville, Md.– September 5, 2014

DrFirst, a leading provider of healthcare IT solutions, announced today that providers using the company’s EPCS GoldSM 2.0 controlled substance e-prescribing technology have issued more than 663,000 controlled substance prescriptions to date, and the company expects to surpass the 700,000 mark in mid-September.  This volume represents an estimated 60-percent of total U.S. electronic controlled substance prescriptions issued since 2010 and quantifies DrFirst’s position as the industry’s leading controlled substance e-prescribing solution.

E-prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) was legalized at the Federal level by the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) interim final rule for e-prescribing of controlled substances.  EPCS is also legal at the State level in 49 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, and beginning on March 27, 2015, New York will be the first state to mandate electronic prescribing for legend drugs and controlled substances through its Internet System for Tracking Over-Prescribing/Prescription Monitoring Program (I-STOP) legislation.

“The benefits of controlled substance e-prescribing are numerous, including preventing doctor shopping and drug diversion, streamlining prescribing workflows within practices, and enabling these prescriptions to be checked for clinical alerts at the time of prescribing,” said Peter Kaufman, M.D., chief medical officer for DrFirst.  “In light of our growing prescription drug epidemic and as evidenced by the growth we are seeing in the use of EPCS Gold, doctors now regard having controlled substance e-prescribing capability with a heightened sense of urgency.”

There is growing awareness of the prescription drug addiction problem in the U.S., evidenced most-recently by the DEA’s movement of hydrocodone combination drugs into the more-restrictive Schedule II classification in an effort to help stem misuse of such medications.  Controlled substances represent approximately 10 percent of all prescribed medications, however, the electronic processing of controlled substances is disproportionately more difficult than e-prescribing legend drugs, requiring additional technical and security certifications, identity proofing of providers, and two-factor authentication of a provider’s authorization to prescribed controlled substances electronically.

“More than 150 EMR and HIS systems have already contracted to integrate our technology within their systems, which will make controlled substance e-prescribing capability accessible to approximately 275,000 providers,” said G. Cameron Deemer, president of DrFirst.  “Given New York’s I-STOP regulation, the growth of EPCS-enabled pharmacies nationwide, and the proven effectiveness of EPCS Gold, we anticipate increasingly rapid adoption of our controlled substance e-prescribing technology over the coming year.”

For more information on the adoption and growth of controlled substance e-prescribing, download DrFirst’s report, “The Evolving Landscape for Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) — An Industry Briefing for 2014,” at

To view the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality video, “AHRQ Health IT Success Stories – Forging a Pathway for E-Prescribing of Controlled Substances,” which chronicles the creation of EPCS Gold as the nation’s first controlled substance e-prescribing platform, visit

About DrFirst

DrFirst pioneers technology solutions that inform the doctor-patient point of encounter, optimizing provider access to patient information, enhancing the doctor’s clinical view of the patient, and improving care delivery and clinical outcomes.  Our growth is driven by a commitment to innovation, security and reliability across a wide array of services, including Medication Management, Medication Adherence, and Secure Care Coordination and Collaboration.  We are proud of our track record of service to more than 45,000 providers, 300 EMR/EHR/HIS system vendors, and 650 hospitals and other acute care facilities.  For more information please visit

September 5, 2014 I Written By

John Lynn is the Founder of the blog network which currently consists of 15 blogs containing almost 6000 articles with John having written over 3000 of the articles himself. These EMR and Healthcare IT related articles have been viewed over 13 million times. John also manages Healthcare IT Central and Healthcare IT Today, the leading career Health IT job board and blog. John is co-founder of and John is highly involved in social media, and in addition to his blogs can also be found on Twitter: @techguy and @ehrandhit.

NewCrop and PDR Network Partner to Provide PDR’s Drug Information Services to NewCrop EHRs

PDR Network is very excited to announce the addition of NewCrop – an industry-leading ePrescribing vendor – to their electronic health record (EHR) partner network.  With this partnership, their EHR network now includes 22 companies and reaches over 87,000 prescribers.  More importantly, they will now be providing their suite of interactive drug services via PDR BRIEF to prescribers through more than 180 EHR systems.

By joining their network and incorporating PDR interactive drug services, partners are able to enhance their EHR offerings with PDR Network’s updated drug information, safety alerts, medication adherence and product support programs.  By placing this information at the point of care, they are able to increase their platform’s functionality and safety to meet the needs of their EHR end users and their patients.

Partnership Expands PDR’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) Network by More than 17,000 New Prescribers

MONTVALE, NJ/HOUSTON, TX – July 31, 2012 –PDR Network® today announced a new strategic partnership with NewCrop, LLC to incorporate PDR’s critical drug services into NewCrop’s leading electronic prescribing platform, best-in-class technology relied on by more than 160 EHRs and 27,000 healthcare professionals.

“PDR Network has consistently demonstrated leadership in disseminating critical drug information and innovation in developing products and services to deliver that information in ways that best meet the needs of healthcare professionals,” said Dr. Lawrence Susnow, President, Founder and Chief Medical Officer, NewCrop. “Integrating PDR interactive drug services into our ePrescribing platform enables us to provide updated drug information, safety alerts, medication adherence and product support programs at the point of prescribing, enhancing the ePrescribing experience to benefit healthcare professionals and their patients.”

Once integrated, NewCrop users will access critical time-sensitive drug information through PDR BRIEF – a real-time digital messaging platform developed by PDR Network to deliver important drug-specific concise messages at the point of prescribing. PDR BRIEF will provide quick access to the most timely drug label and safety information, regulatory and liability messages, as well as patient support and education information.

“As a true leader in the field of ePrescribing, we are very pleased to welcome NewCrop into our network of partners,” said Andrew Gelman, Senior Vice President-Corporate Development & EHR Vendor Relations, PDR Network. “NewCrop’s large and growing network of emerging EHRs will now have access to the very same PDR branded safety, regulatory and product support services and information currently being provided to the other 21 industry-leading EHRs in PDR’s network.”

By delivering critical drug information to prescribers via EHRs and ePrescribing platforms, PDR offers the unique opportunity to help ensure successful and safe therapy from the moment a medication is prescribed.  NewCrop anticipates full integration of PDR interactive drug services into their ePrescribing systems by September of this year.

About NewCrop

NewCrop LLC provides electronic prescribing systems, delivered over the Internet and designed for incorporation into other medical applications such as EHR’s. All features are available as a comprehensive user interface or, via data services, as individual components such as the new Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances (EPCS) module.  To learn more about NewCrop, please visit

About PDR Network

PDR Network, LLC is the leading distributor of FDA-approved drug labeling, safety and REMS information, as well as medication adherence and product support programs, through Physicians’ Desk Reference® (“PDR”) suite of print and digital services. PDR Network provides innovative products and services to deliver industry-leading content across channels, including®, mobilePDR®, PDR®3D™ and directly through its extensive network of PDR Certified electronic health record partners. For more information, visit

August 20, 2012 I Written By

Physicians Interactive Announces New Zero-Click eCoupon™ Solution

Physicians Interactive (PI), announced the launch of eCoupon™, an automated voucher & coupon distribution solution.  This digital coupon program fits into HCPs’ ePrescribe workflows, powered by Allscripts, & provides more efficient ways to distribute medication coupons & vouchers to patients’ right at the point of prescribing.

Why is this news important?  For starters, a lack of patient medication adherence is costing the U.S. an estimated $100 billion every year.  eCoupon not only provides HCPs with easier access to prescription coupons & shares cost-savings on name brands with patients, it also aims to improve first-fill medication compliance.  And with millions of ePrescriptions being filled each year, HCPs are looking for ways to significantly reduce costs without negatively impacting patient care.  eCoupon provides the resources to do just that.

Automated Vouchers and Coupons Strengthens Physicians-Patient Relationship, Offering Valuable Cost-Savings Directly at the Point of Prescribing

Marlborough, Mass. – July 19, 2012 – Physicians Interactive (PI), the leading provider of online and mobile clinical resources and solutions for healthcare professionals (HCPs), announced today the availability of eCoupon™; an automated voucher and coupon distribution solution for HCPs.  The eCoupon™ fits directly into the HCP’s ePrescribe workflow to provide patients with invaluable cost-savings on name brand prescriptions once a medication has been prescribed by a physician.  This announcement builds on PI’s expertise enabling life science companies to offer their value-add services within the physician workflow.  Additionally and at the same time, it will enhance the user experience for its robust network – of more than 875,000 physicians, nurses and allied healthcare professionals across all major specialties through its various online and mobile offerings.

PI and Allscripts have an agreement that enables delivery of eCoupons in an integrated fashion with Allscripts stand-alone ePrescribe™, the nation’s most widely used electronic prescribing software.  The agreement helps bring physician’s eCoupon™ – a digital coupon program –to meet a growing demand from physicians for patient-benefit resources within their ePrescribing workflow.  In 2011, the number of prescriptions being processed electronically climbed into the hundreds of millions, while the number of ePrescribers has more than tripled in only two years.1  This trend is supported by additional benefits such as the ease of use, time and cost saving advantages for prescribers, as well as the enhanced in-person experience for patients; enabling more informed decision making when discussing treatment and medicine options with their providers at the point of care.

“PI’s eCoupon™ fits directly into an existing workflow to give practitioners more efficient ways to select and distribute medication coupons and vouchers during the prescription process that can help reduce patient costs at the pharmacy and potentially improve overall compliance,” said Donato Tramuto, CEO and Vice Chairman of PI.  “As health systems strive to achieve Meaningful Use and adopt EHRs, there will be an increased importance on the exchange of clinical information between healthcare providers and their patients.  eCouponing is a great example of a tool that can empower patients to take a more active role in their care and ultimately; strengthen the physician-patient relationship.”

A lack of patient adherence to medication is a large and costly problem in the United States; adding an estimated 100 billion dollars in healthcare spending annually.2  Access to vouchers and coupons within a prescriber’s workflow can help to drive this cost down and improve first-fill medication adherence, creating an opportunity for higher adherence rates in the future.  Additionally, eCoupon™ consistently generates transactional reports and data to ensure that life science companies are able to gain insights on their target audience and stay up-to-date on their current eCoupon campaigns.

To find out more information about Physicians Interactive’s eCoupon™ solution please watch this short video.

1. Clinician’s Guide to e-Prescribing

2. Medication Adherence: Rx for Success

About Physicians Interactive

Physicians Interactive (PI) is the leading provider of online and mobile clinical resources and solutions that help medical professionals, anytime, anywhere, provide better patient care. We use the full power of our worldwide network of Healthcare Professionals and Life Sciences Companies together in ways that will change the practice and business of medicine, for the better. PI has developed a foundation of user-generated, proprietary and public data that powers a networked suite of transactional applications, including eSampling, interactive learning programs and mobile solutions. Physicians Interactive, a division of, Inc., is owned by Perseus LLC, a merchant bank and private equity fund management company. For more information about PI, visit

July 31, 2012 I Written By

Mitochon EHR Announces New Free Bundled Service – #HIMSS12

Mitochon Systems announces new bundled FREE functionality to enable and accelerate the formation and efficient operation of Accountable Care Organizations& Integrated Health Care Delivery in multi Provider Systems as well as supporting independent Physicians in digital healthcare delivery.  Mitochon’s FREE bundled service positions Physicians and Health Care Systems for ACO’s and underwrites increased profitability within the practice.

It is mandated that healthcare is heading toward Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) and Integrated Delivery Systems (IDS) which is a model that seeks to reduce healthcare costs, improve the quality of care, improve clinical outcomes while positively impacting the appropriateness and efficiency of the healthcare provided.

It will be difficult for other EHR’s to match Mitochon’s FREE bundled offerings that cover the whole practice:


Mitochon is the first FREE ONC-ATCB Certified, web-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) for Physicians. The FREE EHR platform combines Scheduling, Charting, ePrescribing, Labs, Meaningful Use user reports and enables the collaboration of care required within an ACO structure. It is the backbone of integrated care delivery and it’s FREE!  Always allowing the physician to keep 100% of any incentive payments

FREE Practice Management Solution (PM)

Today Mitochon announces Q2 availability of our NEW FREE Practice Management software (PM).  This premium service is web based and easy to use for any multiple provider office or solo practitioner, making day-to-day clinical services smarter not harder. This new service will improve efficiency allowing for less time spent on billing and increase payments collected as well as improve practice cash flow, enabling Physician’s to focus on patients and clinical outcomes as well as manage their practice and improve their profitability.

FREE Mobile App

With this FREE new Mitochon Mobile service, Physicians can securely access their FREE EHR and patient charts from anywhere, anytime, even when they lose their wireless connection.  Charting, Scheduling, Messaging and ePrescribe no problem, just go to the Apple Apps Store and download the Mitochon App onto your iPhone, ,iPad or iTouch (Android coming Q2 2012) Mitochon’s new FREE Mobile app boasts military levels of encryption and security as well as being able to remotely wipe information from specific devices, a first in the FREE mobile medical world.

FREE ePrescribe (eRX)

This important tool enables providers to share one single medication list with other providers who are attending to the same patient as well as connecting to all available pharmacies nationally.     With automatic formulary checking, immediate authorization or denial capabilities, FREE instructional information for patients and a “favorites” tool for listing commonly prescribed meds; Mitochons FREE ePrescribe makes prescriptions simpler and safer than ever. This means you could have a lower rate of scrip errors and a higher safety standard!

FREE Patient Health Record (PHR)

Patients enter their own health data information into a Personal Health Record which is synchronized with their Mitochon Electronic Health Record.  Mitochon’s PHR (Available Q2 2012) is a patient’s summary of their medical records and is accessed online.  The information can include medications, demographic information, personal history, labs and information from medical devices in-home or from other wireless environments. You can even use your Smartphone to enter and access information.

FREE Referral Network

This open service assists Physicians and healthcare professionals to connect, collaborate and coordinate care by enabling the exchange of clinical data with other providers and healthcare organizations. Physicians can instantly access  and retrieve clinical data to enable safer, timely, efficient, effective, and improved patient-centered care. Patients can also benefit knowing their medical information can be delivered faster and in a secured manner to the providers on their case.

FREE Training and Support

Mitochon’s unlimited FREE Training and FREE ongoing support enable subscribers to sign-up for an account, have their practice up and running in minutes and start qualifying for Meaningful Use payments. Mitochon’s Subscribers have been impressed by how quickly they have received there incentives using Mitochon’s Meaningful Use guides and reports.

Mitochon’s FREE services enables Independent physicians, Accountable Care Organizations & Integrated Delivery Systems to enter the digital healthcare world effortlessly, bend the healthcare cost curve and importantly improve outcomes without cost. Mitochon Systems FREE bundled offering will allow organizations to easily navigate the health IT requirement and become sustainable ACOs with minimal capital investment. Stop by Mitochon’s booth #625 at HIMSS this week in Las Vegas and learn more about all the new FREE functionality of services. . More information about Mitochon Systems is available via its corporate website at or by calling 1.877.817.0902.

February 21, 2012 I Written By

John Lynn is the Founder of the blog network which currently consists of 15 blogs containing almost 6000 articles with John having written over 3000 of the articles himself. These EMR and Healthcare IT related articles have been viewed over 13 million times. John also manages Healthcare IT Central and Healthcare IT Today, the leading career Health IT job board and blog. John is co-founder of and John is highly involved in social media, and in addition to his blogs can also be found on Twitter: @techguy and @ehrandhit.

CareCloud Enters Electronic Health Record Market, Unveils Complete ONC-ATCB Meaningful Use Certification

CareCloud Charts comes fully loaded with everything required for doctors to take their offices completely paperless, including: medical charting, lab and diagnostic ordering/receiving, ePrescribing and medication management, clinical encounter documentation, patient education, medical document management and specialty-specific templates. Physicians are also able to demonstrate Meaningful Use, allowing eligible providers to receive the $44,000 Medicare or $63,750 Medicaid EHR incentive funding and avoid penalties.

Revolutionary EHR software delivers comprehensive and integrated clinical, financial and administrative management for physician practices

Miami, Florida – January 12, 2012 – Today, cloud-based healthcare solution provider CareCloud announced its official entrance into the electronic health record (EHR) market. CareCloud Charts’ breakthrough user interface is a revolutionary approach to maintaining and sharing patient medical information across the continuum of care while accelerating, rather than hindering, clinical workflow.

CareCloud Charts has already been awarded ambulatory certification (ONC-ATCB 2011/2012) as a Complete EHR by Drummond Group, an Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) Authorized Testing and Certification Body (ATCB). Charts has also been certified by SureScripts, making it a fully-functional tool for ePrescribing on SureScripts’ nationwide network.

With the launch of the CareCloud Charts EHR, the company will further accelerate the rapid adoption of its web-based software and services, which already help thousands of physicians today streamline and consolidate the clinical, financial and administrative aspects of their business.

“Our primary mission has always been to simplify and streamline the entire healthcare experience. Rather than rushing to the market with an incomplete or ill-conceived electronic health record product, we decided to first invest in building a strong foundation that supports the entire revenue cycle. We then developed the clinical apps on top of that foundation,” said Albert Santalo, President and CEO of CareCloud. “Now, with the public availability of CareCloud Charts, physicians can actually look forward to using their EHR.”

“We’re obsessed with delivering an incredible software experience; that’s not something many other vendors can say,” Santalo continued. “Almost no other company has built a unified EHR and practice management solution from the ground up. The level of seamlessness and elegance we are achieving cannot be created through a merger of two companies and their respective product lines. By offering Charts as part of a comprehensive suite, we’re helping the entire staff pull together in one direction through one system, without needless steps in the process.”

CareCloud Charts comes fully loaded with everything required for doctors to take their offices completely paperless, including: medical charting, lab and diagnostic ordering/receiving, ePrescribing and medication management, clinical encounter documentation, patient education, medical document management and specialty-specific templates. Physicians are also able to demonstrate Meaningful Use, allowing eligible providers to receive the $44,000 Medicare or $63,750 Medicaid EHR incentive funding and avoid penalties.

Benefits of using CareCloud Charts:

•       Pure Cloud: CareCloud’s user-friendly platform delivers small to large physician practices secure 24/7/365 access to their entire business through any modern web browser, natively on a Mac or PC. CareCloud updates and improves its software regularly, but because it delivers Charts through the cloud in a single instance, all clients use the latest version and do not have to disrupt their operations to upgrade.

•       Fully Integrated: Physicians have enough challenges during their EHR vendor selection process to have to worry about integrating multiple systems just to get a simple claim out the door. CareCloud is a one-stop-shop for physicians looking to streamline their practice management and electronic records systems with minimal investment or disruption to the practice.

•       Unparalleled Usability: Charts’ design was guided by an intimate understanding of the patient encounter. CareCloud’s designers and developers spent countless hours working with physicians while they provided patient care within their practices, then focused on delivering a superior user experience that drives improved patient outcomes and reduced operating costs.

•       Safe & Secure: The Department of Health and Human Services concluded in a study that 63% of HIPAA security breaches were due to physical theft or loss of data. Web-based EHRs eliminate the most common security risks, since there are no physical files to be compromised. Physicians also enjoy advanced security features such as redundancy, constant backups, granular permissions and audit trails.

•       Constant evolution: Healthcare reform has spawned government mandates, new payment models and shifting patient expectations, all of which are taxing the existing technology infrastructure to its limit. Physicians are facing an evolving healthcare industry that demands their practice be adaptive and connected. Unlike legacy systems, CareCloud’s platform is designed to embrace change and evolve with the industry.

•       Built for a real-time world: Patients are surrounded by a myriad of sensors and smart devices, which monitor, measure and track all aspects of the human body. Today, very little, if any, of this valuable data is captured and aggregated into a single patient health record. CareCloud’s foundation utilizes an advanced cloud architecture, which can seamlessly capture unstructured health data. The company ultimately envisions developing this capability to provide a real-time portrait of each patient’s wellness.

“We have always strongly believed that a modern cloud-based platform is what will save the healthcare industry from arcane paper-based processes,” said CareCloud CEO Albert Santalo. “Unfortunately, with the median up-front EHR capital investment hovering around $30,000 per full-time physician, there’s no question that the market has failed to provide physicians with a sophisticated, cost-effective option. The fact that physicians have to even consider financing for an EHR system is just crazy – we’re here to change all that.”

CareCloud, which announced $20.1 million in Series A funding in September, provides medical practices with a powerful, secure cloud-based platform for practice management, electronic health records and revenue cycle management. The company’s solutions automate everything a successful, modern medical practice needs, like appointment scheduling, patient care, billing and accounts receivable management. Delivered in the cloud, data is more secure, less expensive and accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device (desktop, laptop, or tablet).

CareCloud Charts is available now. For more information, visit

About CareCloud

CareCloud’s mission is to revolutionize the healthcare experience through on-demand software and services. Leading the charge to bring cloud computing to the healthcare industry, CareCloud delivers an integrated suite to maximize physician practice performance that includes:

•       Charts — electronic health records software that seamlessly integrates into practice workflow
•       Central — a complete medical practice management system from scheduling to billing
•       Concierge — a comprehensive revenue cycle management solution for health care providers
•       Community — a secure patient and provider portal to increase communication and collaboration

CareCloud currently services more than 1,000 physicians and other healthcare providers throughout the United States and was named a winner of IBM’s SmartCamp Silicon Valley 2010 for its innovative new technology. For more information, visit CareCloud online at

January 18, 2012 I Written By

Merge Healthcare Announces the Addition of 11 Radiology Practices That Have Selected Merge RIS to Achieve Meaningful Use

Radiologists drive Meaningful Use acceleration; create enterprise imaging foundation

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Merge Healthcare (NASDAQ: MRGE), a leading provider of enterprise imaging and interoperability solutions, today announced the addition of eleven radiology practices that have selected Merge RIS v7.0 to achieve Meaningful Use.

“Meaningful Use is gaining significant momentum in the radiology community,” said Jeff Surges, CEO of Merge Healthcare. “Radiologists are witnessing how seamlessly solutions like Merge RIS can be integrated into their practice, without disrupting their workflow, while administrators and executives are experiencing how Merge RIS is building the foundation for future growth. All involved are seeing how Merge RIS v7.0 can lead to an increase in revenue and help them avoid future penalties.”

With Merge RIS v7.0, radiologists can now utilize a completely native radiology solution for radiology-specific workflow to capture and report on the metrics required to demonstrate Meaningful Use of electronic health records, without disrupting the traditional radiology workflow. With Merge RIS v7.0, radiologists can qualify to receive up to $44,000 in stimulus incentives, per eligible provider.

“We selected Merge because they were the only vendor able to provide an enterprise-wide solution versus a piecemeal approach,” said Melissa Ray, Practice Administrator at Radiology Consultants of Lynchburg. “In addition to Merge RIS v7.0, we will utilize Merge PACS, Merge Financials, Merge Dashboards and Merge iConnect Access. And now, not only will we be able to take advantage of the stimulus incentives available for achieving Meaningful Use, but more importantly, we’ll be able to significantly improve productivity and workflow efficiencies.”

“With Merge RIS, the information just flows better, from the minute the patient calls to schedule an appointment all the way through billing,” said Tony Musilli, Chief Operations Officer at Booth Radiology in West Deptford, New Jersey. “Merge RIS 7.0 is very intuitive and has a much tighter integration than systems we’ve used in the past. The Merge suite is going to take our practice to the next level of efficiency, so for us, the choice to use Merge for Meaningful Use was obvious.”

“One of the reasons we selected Merge RIS v7.0 was because it has complete certification versus modular certification,” said Christopher Bryant, Executive Director, Radiology Associates of West Pasco “If you utilize a modular system, you as the provider, the onus is on you to find another product or combination of products that meet the remaining criteria before you can claim to be using a certified EHR and qualify for MU funds. Because Merge’s solution received complete certification, we don’t have to worry about that at all.”

“We are a front-to-back Merge client,” said Laverna Hubbard, Administrator at North State Radiology in Northern California. “One of the main reasons we chose Merge RIS, PACS and Financials is because the Merge team listens. They understand our business and are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and support.”

Merge RIS v7.0 functionality includes ePrescribing, enhanced reporting that enables physicians to automatically trend clinical data and report on Meaningful Use measures, new clinical decision support, the clinical exchange of health information through industry standard formats, and a patient portal that empowers patients to access their records at their convenience. This new functionality was built natively within the intuitive, web-based Merge RIS so that any radiology practice can achieve Meaningful Use attestation in a manner that works for their specialty.

About Merge Healthcare

Merge Healthcare is a leading provider of enterprise imaging and interoperability solutions, with a client base consisting of more than 1,500 hospitals and 6,000 clinics across the country. Merge solutions facilitate the sharing of images to create a more effective and efficient electronic healthcare experience for patients and physicians. Merge provides enterprise imaging solutions for radiology, cardiology, orthopaedics and eye care; a suite of products for clinical trials; software for financial and pre-surgical management, and applications that fuel the largest modality vendors in the world. Merge’s products have been used by healthcare providers, vendors and researchers worldwide to improve patient care for more than 20 years. Additional information can be found at

November 3, 2011 I Written By

The Rothman Institute Selects the SRS Certified EHR for its 100 Providers and 14 Office Locations

Unique Productivity-Focused Meaningful Use Ideal for Busy Orthopaedists

MONTVALE, NJ – September 21, 2011 – SRS, the leader in productivity-enhancing EHR technology and services for high-performance physicians, today announced that the Rothman Institute, a preeminent provider of orthopaedic care, has selected the SRS certified EHR for its 100 providers across 14 office locations throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

“We implemented the SRS workflow engine in 2008 and ePrescribing earlier this year, and realized a massive boost in the productivity of our growing enterprise,” says Mike West, CEO of the Rothman Institute. “As we continue to look for ways to increase our efficiency and improve patient care, the physicians and staff at Rothman Institute will be better equipped to do so through the implementation of SRS’ EHR technology. SRS has been an outstanding partner of Rothman Institute and has contributed to our continued success.”

Mr. West continued, saying, “Like all practices, declining reimbursement is a significant factor in our planning. The SRS EHR has allowed us to combat the declining reimbursement by improving our overall productivity, which in turn, supports a healthier bottom line.”

According to Todd Albert, M.D., President of the Rothman Institute, “The SRS EHR will play an integral role in Rothman Institute’s broad initiative to enhance the quality of patient care at a lower cost and without disruption to our daily workflows and routines.”

“As SRS advances its data and interoperability platform, practices like Rothman Institute are leveraging the foundation they have built with our EHR technology and deriving added value,” says Evan Steele, CEO of SRSsoft. “Moving forward with our certified software not only ensures the ability to demonstrate meaningful use in a productive manner, but also positions the group well to participate in future government programs.”

About SRS
SRS is the leading provider of productivity-enhancing EHR technology and services for high-performance specialty physicians—with a successful adoption rate unparalleled in the industry. Offered via the Unified Desktop™, the robust EHR, SRS CareTracker PM, and SRS PACS increase speed and efficiency, free physicians’ time, boost revenue, slash overhead, and enhance patient care and satisfaction. For more information on SRS, visit, e-mail, fax 201.802.1301, or call 800.288.8369.

About Rothman Institute
The Rothman Institute is the region’s premier provider of orthopaedic care, delivering world-class expertise in virtually every orthopaedic specialty including joints, spine, hand, shoulder and elbow, foot and ankle, sports medicine, physical medicine, rehabilitation, and rheumatology. The Rothman Institute also offers on-site X-ray and MRI services, physical therapy, orthotics, and a health and wellness program. Additional information is available online at

September 29, 2011 I Written By

First to Market Nationwide Launch of E-Prescribing of Controlled Substances with EPCS Gold(TM) 2.0 by DrFirst, Inc.

Today, DrFirst, Inc. announced an innovative product that fulfills the company’s commitment to deliver a simple, secure, and affordable way to send controlled substance prescriptions electronically with the launch of EPCS Gold™ version 2.0 (Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances).

Rockville, MD (PRWEB) July 27, 2011

Today, DrFirst, Inc. announced an innovative product that fulfills the company’s commitment to deliver a simple, secure, and affordable way to send controlled substance prescriptions electronically with the launch of EPCS Gold™ version 2.0 (Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances). EPCS Gold™ is fully certified to meet the prescription processing requirements set by Surescripts, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) requirements enforced through the Interim Final Rule (IFR), and the Identity Proofing requirements set by NIST, and is now available to all eligible providers nationwide.

In 2009, physicians in Berkshire County, MA began utilizing DrFirst’s EPCS 1.0 in a pilot program funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) under the auspices of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and a waiver from the DEA. Through this pilot program, DrFirst was the first and only e-prescribing company to publically demonstrate the nation’s first end-to-end EPCS system. DrFirst was able to apply both the learnings from this pilot and the requirements outlined in the DEA’s Interim Final Rule (IRF) to substantially enhance EPCS Gold™ for the 2.0 version of the product.

Prescribers enrolling for EPCS Gold™ will be able to send controlled substance prescriptions electronically after a simple credentialing and identity-proofing process with DrFirst. After providers are certified, they can begin e-prescribing Schedule II-V drugs based on their individual state laws and the ability of the receiving pharmacy to meet the DEA’s requirements to process these prescriptions. To avoid any confusion and eliminate guesswork by providers, EPCS Gold™ automatically detects which substances can be sent electronically.

“As the originators of controlled substance e-prescribing for physicians, we are excited to be the first to market with a true nationwide offering. Version 2.0 of EPCS Gold™ reflects DrFirst’s expertise in security through a design that provides a straightforward and inexpensive solution for both providers and health IT vendors,” said President of DrFirst, G. Cameron Deemer. “We’re encouraging doctors to begin moving forward on the credentialing process and to begin contacting their local pharmacies to let them know they’re ready to send controlled substances electronically.”

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendors are invited to partner with DrFirst to offer this groundbreaking product to their clients and avoid the developmental, certification and auditing costs required to conform to the DEA’s guidelines.

DrFirst will be offering the first 500 qualified providers free registration (i.e., identity proofing, token distribution, logical access control) and a one-year subscription to EPCS Gold™ 2.0 service in celebration of this historic milestone in medical history.

What Are Controlled Substances?
Controlled substances are drugs or other substances that are regulated under federal law depending on medical use, potential for abuse, and addictiveness.

  •     Schedule I: High abuse potential, no medical use, considered unsafe
  •     Schedule II: High abuse potential, approved for medical use, has severe dependence risk
  •     Schedule III: Lower abuse potential, approved for medical use, has moderate or low dependence risk
  •     Schedule IV: Relatively low potential, approved for medical use, limited dependence risk
  •     Schedule V: Drugs that are cough medicines with codeine

The five “schedules” of drugs are not the same as the five “classes” of drugs, which organizes drugs according to their main properties. The five classes of controlled substance drugs are narcotics, depressants, stimulants, hallucinogens, and anabolic steroids.
For further information about EPCS Gold™ 2.0, contact DrFirst at (866) 263-6511

About DrFirst

Founded in 2000, DrFirst is the nation’s leading e-prescribing provider to physician practices, major health plans, health systems, hospitals, and EHR vendors. Through its Open Borders Program, DrFirst solutions are widely integrated with over 170 HIT systems. A Surescripts Gold Certified solution provider for four consecutive years with its award-winning Rcopia electronic prescription management system, DrFirst utilizes the Surescripts network for pharmacy connectivity, health plan information, and patient medication history. Certain DrFirst solutions can qualify users for government incentive programs such as MIPPA, PQRI/PQRS, and ARRA HITECH/Meaningful Use of EHR. For more information, visit Keep up to date on DrFirst news at or follow us on twitter at

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Indigo Identityware Announces Strong Authentication E-Prescribe Functionality

Minneapolis, MN – June 21, 2011 - Indigo Identityware, Inc, a rapidly-growing leader in the Identity & Access Management industry, announced strong authentication electronic prescription (e-prescribe) functionality for physicians in clinical and hospital settings.
Indigo Identityware’s e-Prescribe Functionality

Indigo’s eSign capabilities allow physicians to electronically sign prescriptions utilizing finger biometrics or proximity cards. As a secondary form of authentication, a four digit PIN (personal identification number) can be used, similar to the process used for accessing a bank account from an ATM. Indigo, unlike other solution providers who use ‘passwords’ as a secondary form of authentication, uses a PIN which is easier to remember and implement. Indigo’s exclusive solution design stores, manages, and changes passwords automatically.

“Indigo Identityware’s advanced session management capabilities allow physicians to perform ‘two factor authentication’ using the touch of a finger or the tap of a card in combination with a PIN as a ‘secondary’ factor, fulfilling the requirements set forth by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for electronic prescription of controlled substances.” said Tom Rheineck, CEO and President of Indigo Identityware.

“As a result of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH), which was implemented to ensure the health, safety and well-being of consumers, medical providers are incentivized to implement electronic health record (EHR) systems that include electronic prescribing. Physicians are required to write 40% of their overall prescriptions electronically in order to qualify for meaningful use rewards. Indigo’s solution allows physicians a secure and simple way to meet the HITECH specifications,” said Mr. Rheineck.

About Indigo Identityware
Indigo Identityware, a leader in the identity and access management industry, offers the first and only Behavioral Strong Authentication and Single Sign-on (SSO) for the extended enterprise. Indigo’s flexible design supports multiple strong authentication methods, including next-generation biometrics, providing users with secure and fast access to information. It increases workflow productivity while helping customers ensure regulatory compliance. The software-only solution is cost-effective and deploys quickly with its unique, lightweight “snap-in” design. For more information, visit
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Orthopaedics East & Sports Medicine Center Selects SRS ePrescribing for Its 17 Specialty Providers

SRS ePrescribing Viewed as Stepping Stone towards Complete SRS EHR

MONTVALE, NJ – March 23, 2011 – SRS, the leading provider of productivity-enhancing EHR technology and services for high-performance specialty practices, today announced that Orthopaedics East & Sports Medicine Center has selected SRS ePrescribing for its 17-provider orthopaedic practice. Located in Greenville, North Carolina, Orthopaedics East works in conjunction with Pitt County Memorial Hospital and provides quality care to eastern North Carolina.

“With SRS ePrescribing, our physicians will not only qualify for the Medicare bonus and avoid the future penalties, but will also take the first step towards the digital world,” says Janis Vincent, Practice Administrator, Orthopaedics East & Sports Medicine Center. “Receiving the benefits of ePrescribing, our physicians will be well-positioned to adopt the complete SRS EHR so we can pursue the government’s EHR incentives and experience the overall productivity advantages unique to SRS.”

“Because it is based on a solid understanding of practice workflow, SRS ePrescribing is the most efficient ePrescribing product in the EHR industry,” says Evan Steele, CEO of SRSsoft. “It is seamlessly integrated into the SRS core EHR, and even as a stand-alone product incorporates the prescriptions into the patient’s chart note. It is a great way for medical practices to transition from paper to a digital environment.”

“The appeal of the SRS EHR is the user interface for physicians and staff—it is intuitive, easy to use, and customizable to suit each provider’s personal preferences,” says Edward C. Brown III, M.D., Orthopaedics East & Sports Medicine Center. “The SRS EHR also has the flexibility to accommodate both those who like to dictate and those who prefer templating. Using SRS ePrescribing to start our technology push will certainly ease us into incorporating the complete EHR into our practice.”

About SRS
SRS is the leading provider of productivity-enhancing EHR technology and services for high-performance specialty practices—with a successful adoption rate unparalleled in the industry. Offered via the Unified Desktop™, the robust EHRSRS CareTracker PM, and SRS PACS increase speed, free physicians’ time, boost revenue, and heighten patient care and satisfaction. For more information on SRS, visit, e-mail, fax 201.802.1301, or call 800.288.8369.

About Orthopaedics East & Sports Medicine Center
Orthopaedics East & Sports Medicine Center is a full-service orthopaedic care practice founded in Greenville, North Carolina, in 1999. Working in conjunction with staff and physicians at Pitt County Memorial Hospital, the doctors of Orthopaedics East & Sports Medicine Center treat a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders, in addition to providing physical therapy and MRI services on site. For more information, visit


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